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Music is the most powerful one; when our words to fails to express our feelings music express it perfectly. It is the universal language of communication where the folks can express their emotion, joy, fear, love or sorrow. There is a list of musical instruments such as brass, keyboards, orchestra, percussion, and woodwind etc. The guitar is a versatile one and it is the most widely played instruments globally. There are different types of guitars such as acoustic, electric, classical and electric acoustic etc. These guitars have a list of things in mutual. It is used in different genres of music and the body of the guitar consists of strings. It usually with Android App Development Company because it has an oval sound hole in the body part. Some of the guitarists use a triangular piece of plastic to sound the strings.

Different Parts of a Guitar

At the top portion of the guitar is the headstock, a common term almost known by everyone. It is attached to the slimmer neck of the instrument. With the aid of the tuners, one can adjust the pitch of each and every string on the Mobile app development company with guitar. The nut is a portion where the headstock meets the neck of the guitar. It is a small piece of material which can be anything such as plastic or bone etc where the smaller grooves guide the strings up to the tuners. By using the fingers on the various places on the neck different notes can be created. The body of the guitar is not the same one; it varies from one guitar to another. Most of the classical guitars have a hollowed out body including a sound hole. These things are specially designed to project the sound of the guitar. On the other side of the flip, the electric guitars have a solid body and there is the absence of the sound hole. Instead, there is a part known to be the pickups in which exactly the sound hole is located.

Amazing facts about Strings

From the initial period of the ancient days, the stringed instruments which are known to be the chordophones were developed to initial shapes and sizes. They make different sounds just by vibrating the strings. The folks play the guitar with a bow, as mentioned before plucked with the fingers etc. Usually, the chordophones are made up of the string which is the hollow part of the instrument. The sound is a pleasing one and the listeners for sure will forget the world by listening to the melody.

Play Guitar Lesson

Play Guitar Lesson is an online guitar lesson website where the folks can register and learn many things about the online guitar classes. We provide all the necessary tips and lessons for the folks who are interested to learn about guitar. Our trained professionals offer video lessons and also broaden the musical horizons with different variations of music. We are ready to cover different forms of musical styles which include bluegrass, metal, flat-picking including Dobro. In order to gain more knowledge about the guitar, video lessons have been also provided and hence by covering all the manner of genres. Our main target is to help the guitarists to learn the songs in an efficient manner. We assure that the guitarists learn their favorite songs in a correct way and the chapter includes the latest lessons on the music theory and the techniques. The popular topics include the Mistakes folks make while playing the guitar, Essential Guitar Chords You Must Know, including How to Read Guitar Sheet Music. Live Video broadcasts sessions are also available in order to help the folks and to learn the music in a short interval of time.

Play your Guitar

Playing music has always been fundamental to our evolution. Right from birth to death of an individual (animal or human for that matter), music has been indispensable. Advantage of music are multi-fold. It brings mental and health benefits to an individual. It helps them by relieving the stress and keeps the mind sharper and more energetic. Art of learning music provides a cognitive challenging exercise to the brain that helps the deterioration of memory cells due to aging. Reduction of stress reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure and overall physiology.

It is proved scientifically that learning music at a young age helps develop mathematical skills, memory and coordination to a greater extent. Exposure to music helps a person effectively utilize both sides of the brain to a greater advantage. Exposing kids to an early age of learning music will help them develop creativity, increase coordination and make them build confidence. Scientific theories are behind to prove that music learning helps in speech and verbal skills, social interactions etc.

Music also plays a lot on emotions. Music can make you feel elated, melancholic, sleepy, peppy and energetic and has more pronounced effect on psychological moods. It builds one’s skill on academics, social, physical, disciplinary, art of being patient and helps one grounded. Music also requires passion and practice which enhances more dedication towards the musical language.


The guitar is a very ancient instrument and its usage can be dated back in history to over 4000 years. Guitar instrument is considered as a development of the lute or the ancient Greek Kithara.

There are different ages that are considered appropriate for learning the Guitar musical instrument depending on the individual’s strength and passion of interest. The best age to learn guitar is from the age of six where the physical strength of the hands will be appropriate for playing the instrument. The parts of a guitar include headstock, tuners, tuning pegs, bridge pins, bridge, nut, neck, fretboard, frets, soundhole, saddle and body. The first section of the guitar is called a headstock where there will be placeholders for tuning pegs and tuners. These provisions allow the guitar to tighten or loosen the wire for proper tuning of the instrument. The middle narrow and slender section is called the neck of the guitar. Nut is the white strip closer to the headstock. Fretboard is the front side of the neck of the guitar. Frets are the metal wires on the fretboard that helps finger find the right spots. Bigger section of the guitar is called body and the hole in the body is called the soundhole. Bridge, saddle and bridge pins help hold the wires in place on the body of the guitar.

Most guitars come in set of six strings and the string defines the pitches for E, A, D, G, B and E, from low E to high E. The note names corresponding to the string are important to learn for a learner in order to tune the instrument as well as for placement of the fingers. There are also 12 string guitars that has 6 sets of double strings. The standard tuning of the open strings is starting from the thickest sixth string (E-A-D-G-B-E). There are also alternate tunings that are available. Alternate tunings are tunings other than the standard tuning. There are hundreds of alternate tunings, and some common ones include Drop D (D-A-D-G-B-E), DADGAD (D-A-D-G-A-D), and open E (E-B-E-G#-B-E).

The guitar is peaceful and expresses your feelings in such a way that you can play the words coming out of your soul. It brings establishing contacts with new people by acquiring this hidden talent inside them.

Types of Guitar

There are various types of guitar - Acoustic, Acoustic-Electric, Electric guitars, twelve string guitars, Steel Guitar, Archtop guitar, Touch guitar, resonator guitars etc. These guitars are the variations of the prime guitar types which is classical guitar with nylon strings, acoustic guitar with steel strings and electrical guitar with magnetic pickups. Acoustic electric guitar is also called semi-acoustic and has electronic pickups in its body that allows easier amplification with an amplifier. This guitar finds its usage primarily in occasions where the musician is catering to the crowd of a large audience. Amplifier is an electronic device in an electric guitar that amplifies the signal through a loudspeaker as the initial signal may be weak. Classical guitar is commonly used in classical, Latin and Flamenco styles of music. Solid body guitars are those guitars that does not have a hollow body. They are made from a single wood or different pieces of wood. Solid body guitars are always electric guitars. Acoustic guitars require a hollow or chambered body to produce an audible acoustic sound. Rhythm guitar is a guitar that mostly plays chords and provides rhythm to accompany a lead instrument. The melodic parts of a song that is played by the guitar is referred to as the Lead Guitar.

In our website, one can learn from the basics to the advanced courses from some of the greatest guitarists in the century. Our unique system will create a forum to socialize and network with other musicians that will combine the technical and creative talent and help enhance the professional development. Our mission is to help, guide, mentor the students to their best capability and fulfilment in their journey as a musician and guitarist. Our structured instructions give students a methodical and comprehensive way for learning the instrument and bring out the musician in them.

Classical Guitar

Classical guitar, as the name indicates, is used for playing classical music. Classical Guitar is normally confused with acoustic guitar. Classical guitar is much smaller in size in comparison to the acoustic guitar. Classical Guitar uses nylon strings and sounds different when compared to the acoustic guitar that is made of steel strings. The sound from a classical guitar is very soft and mellow in comparison with the thick steel sound of the acoustic guitar. The guitar consists of six, seven or sometimes more strings. Mostly the strings are made from nylon or nylon wrapped with metal. These guitars does not have a truss rod in the neck region and can bear the tension of strings as light as that of nylon. Truss rod is meant to counter the immense amount of pressure that steel strings place on the next of the guitar. The top of the classical guitar and the bridge are braced underneath to bear the lower tension of the nylon strings. The 3 aspects that distinguishes a classical guitar from other guitars are that of the instrument, technique to play and the music emanating from the instrument.

Cost of beginner’s guitar is in the range of 100 USD to 150 USD. The top 7 classical guitars include Epiphone PRO-1 Classic, Ibanez AEG10NII, Yamaha NTX700, Cordoba Protege C1, Cordoba C5, Fender MC-1 and Yamaha CG172SF.

Guitar classes

Enrolling in a guitar class as against self-learning is a good idea to save lot of time. The self-taught students will not know where to find good resources for instruction, can get demotivated if things does not fall on track as per their expectation, get stagnated at a place not knowing how to proceed further. There has been great history and knowledge that has been accumulated over years by learned guitar players for bringing the nuances of the new sounds in the instrument and inventing new techniques. This is not rightly packaged to beginner students and it is more apt to get the art learnt from a master. Also, the idea of self-learning will not give proper guidance for the flexibility, strength and precision in the hands into playing the instrument. On the contrary, if not properly guided this may lead to bad techniques by the learners and these mistakes can eventually lead to curtail their learning. Having the discipline of going to classes can inculcate the good habit of practising it diligently and also with efficiency, as guided by the teacher. Literacy in the field of music has its own health, physical and mental benefits and can put an individual into a sense of rhythm. Under proper guidance, the student can benefit from the right mix of tools in learning the instrument. Our classes enabled by efficient coaching from our instructors, can help achieve amazing results with little effort. Dedication to music is the primary goal and the program ensures the same by keeping the student on track with clarity, confidence and certainty.