Network Administrative Apps assist Web Executives for excelling performance Network admin applications are a must-have for the networking professionals, providing critical insight into performance and which helps to solve the congestion and slowness. Usually, the device configurations, statistics and traffic data can identify the problems or even before they happen. There are numerous useful apps present in the store and each app serves a different purpose. These apps are useful for the engineers, business owners, students, teachers, and administrators. The Android has many apps which are meant for the network admins to perform their job well and produce a good performance. Cellica Database: This app is primarily designed for maintaining databases; the folks can remotely access their databases from android phones. One can read and write from anywhere without making any changes to the system. Cellica Database supports only a few of the Databases like MS Access, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server etc. If a person wants to use this app, they need to install the software into the Windows System. It has the encryption of Advanced Encryption Standard for the remote access to the database. ConnectBot: This app suits for the people who have Linux or UNIX systems and also remote servers. Since the routers and the security systems are tracked, it is good at connecting and administrating the Cisco systems. There are two options available to use this app with a device such as unsecured Telnet or the Secure Shell. At a time, it can do multiple tasks, like importing keys, running sessions and transferring data between different sessions. Wi-Fi Analyzer: This is one of the advanced apps for accessing wireless connections. Once the Wi-Fi is connected, it will provide all the information related to the network and the nearby network as well. One can assemble the access points (AP), create an analysis for the site, and fix bugs in the grid. There are some important tools which can be used for getting the details of the channel for streaming on the network and also including the signals. With the help of the graphical bar, the examination of the wireless signals and the strength of access points are done in a successful manner. CopperEgg: The CopperEgg known to be the server monitoring service provider, helps the Administrators to access the website and fetch data from the server in real time. It has many features like assessing the storage and detects the health condition of the remote systems. This app is accessible across different devices, but the main condition is that the person should have an account setup on the cloud. The folks can view all the issues of the systems, fix it and if needed to demolish it as well. It has the capability to receive alerts, handle the probes, and has a great interface for its consumers, on another side of the coin, CopperEgg suits very well for the tech gigs who want to know the conditions Team Tweaks every now and then. AndFTP: This is one of the best application which let the folks transfer files, over to the File Transfer Protocol server. One can share files through emails, messaging and also Bluetooth. It supports the cryptosystem and Distributed System Architecture keys. The people can perform all the basic tasks with remote access, such as updating permissions for the software’s or networks. PC Monitor: This app is one of the best apps, as it handles around three Windows Personal computers or servers simultaneously for free. The subscription for this app can also be done for a year, where hundreds of systems can be handled simultaneously. PC Monitor does all the fundamental functions like checking the CPU usage, response time, hardware, network etc. An added advantage of this app is that the tracking of processes, tasks, and details of the users can be done smoothly. The folks can work with the help of remote command prompts to the servers and personal computers. SysMonitor: This system has been specifically designed for the software companies in the world. One can access the information about systems, Applications, Products from the Android mobile phones itself. The folks who want to connect to the systems will be visible to see through and analyze. The analysis regarding the connections, streaming, transactions, and the access points of the system connectivity. The folks can also analyze the details of the crash sites of the networks and terminals too. Httpmon: This is one of the monitoring apps, which is designed specifically for the HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) servers. One can customize a request URL (Uniform resource Locator) and check with simple pings or with the customizable conditions like the response code or contents using substrings, wildcards, or regular expressions. Spiceworks: Spiceworks is a popular Help Desk app which is adapted towards the network admins who take on IT responsibilities. This app allows the users to access any tickets submitted to their help desk from anywhere. It also helps the folks to view all hardware and software on their network. It is known to be a forum- styled discussion Casperon board, which allows the folks to discuss IT related topics and issues with their colleagues and friends, so they can help one another during the troubleshoot network related issues. It is available on both Android and Apple devices for free without any subscription. Mocha VNC Lite: This is one of the best handy apps for the network admins and professionals who are working in the IT corporate. With the help of this app, a user can remotely manage and control any VNC-based server from their mobile device. It allows for the users to connect to any Windows or Mac OS X computer stations through their mobile phones or tablets, and browse through files, programs and any other resources similar to that of using the personal computer. It is available on both Android and Apple devices for free without any subscription. IP Tools- Network Utilities: The IP Tool is a simple one and easy to follow interface, which is great for the folks who don’t like clutter. This app has the features of Windows and Linux and it will update the status of the network and its connection. It also allows for the router setup through Smartphone and tablet. IP Tools is great for troubleshooting network issues, and its Ping Tools allow for easy detection and pinpointing of packet loss. Local Area Network Scanner, Domain Name Service Lookup, IP calculator, and Track route are some of the features available within this app. It is compatible with the both Android and iOS devices. Overlook Fing: This app is a great app to examine the devices connected to the network and to identify the unwanted ports that are open. It features useful tools for security checks, device management, and Domain Name Service lookup. Fing gives detailed data about the devices connected to the network including network addresses and manufacturers. Its interface is a little-clustered one and has a lot of excellent features. It is accurate and very helpful in determining connectivity issues on any network. It is a free app which is available on both Android and iOS devices, on the other side of flip, it is available as a desktop command-line tool for Windows, OS X, and Linux.